Die Bye Boer offers safe bee removals and hive relocation around the Gauteng and Nelspruit areas. It takes time and patience to remove the bees safely. Coming from a working-at-height background, our trained staff members can handle some of the most technical removals. Bee removals can be done in two ways, namely a vacuum removal or an out trap.


The vacuum removal is basically a specialised vacuum box that can safely suck up the bees and trap them into a small box for relocation. For this type of removal, the vessel that the bees are in, needs to allow for easy access to the bees, without damage to the building or structure.


The out-trap method is done when the vessel that the nest is in, does not allow for safe easy removal, or where damage can be caused to the building or structure that cannot be permitted. In this case, an additional outside trap box is set up, to safely catch and remove the bees. This type of removal takes time and patience and can last up to about two months.

Vacuum removals can only be done at night to prevent high bee mortality numbers and to reduce the risk to the public and animals of being attacked. We also need to take the weather into account. Relocated bees also need to adapt to their new surroundings. If there is any rain or a cold front on the day of the removal and for the following three days, we will have to postpone the removal until weather conditions are favourable. If you want us to assist with a safe bee removal and relocation, please contact our office on 061 370 9546 or, send an email to

We will need the following information:

  • A pin or location where the bees are.
  • Photos or a short video of the nest and its surroundings.
  • How long has the nest been there? It is easier to relocate a new swarm than an established hive. A new swarm will accept the new surroundings better than an established hive.
  • Do you have electricity on-site close enough to use our vacuum system?
  • Contact person for after-hours access.

We currently have a corporate sponsor (Height Safe 360) that will sponsor a certain amount of removals. Contact us to see how we can make your removal possible. Bees can further also be removed from an unsuitable and undesirable location for relocation into a boxed hive that can be resettled and managed on a desirable property. In order to facilitate this, the existing hive area must be cleaned and sealed to avoid the bees moving back. This process takes about a week.